IoT Technology Overview

Wireless Technology Landscape

Traditional cellular networks–3G and LTE–are costly, use too much power and are just too intensive for the needs of the billions of new, low-powered devices expected to come online in the next few years

Sigfox with its LPWA technology, It transmits data, 12-byte packets at a time which is sufficient to beam a gadget’s location or a reading from a sensor or to sound an alarm. It’s aimed not at smartphones but at the long-promised next wave of Internet-connected devices known as the Internet of Things, or IoT

What is an IoT Network ?

  • A dedicated , reliable and secure radio network for connecting “Things”
  • Dedicated capacity and peak loading for the network is in the millions of messages per hour.
  • Highly resilient to electronic jamming
  • GSM/3G/4G jammers have no effect
  • Extremely low power standby and message time
  • Months/years with AA batteries
  • Low cost chipsets = low cost devices
  • One-way messages in both directions
  • Limited to very small messages.

IoT by Sigfox

  • Narrowband based
  • Long Range
  • Low Power
  • Low Cost devices
  • Redundant transmission
  • Worldwide coverage (on going)
  • One network
  • Global roaming
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