IoT Use Cases and Solutions

Smart Cities, Security, Mobility, Asset Management.

Assisted Living, Personal Health Monitoring, Disease Prevention.

Livestock and Crop Management, Agriculture Equipment Management.

Tracking and tracing from assets to athletes

WND & Sigfox at the Rio Olympics

Measurement and monitoring water, gas and electricity provision.

Payments, Telecommunications, Consumer data, Impulse Purchases, Surveys.

Supply Chain, Security, Asset management and tracking.


Security, Automation, Usage and Maintenance.

WND IoT Solution: LOKA system

  • Multipurpose board: Mainly used for tracking device of objects, people, vehicles but it can include other sensors
  • Small: The target size: 20x70mm (including the antenna & minicard)
  • Low costs
  • Supports Sigfox protocol
  • Locate the device based on WiFi and Sigfox location (can be combined with GPS)

WND-Sigfox Ecosystem devices

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