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Como integrar SIGFOX en un proyecto de IOT.

Como integrar SIGFOX en un proyecto de IOT.

 Los queremos invitar al primer Discovery Program Webinar  de SIGFOX.


Are you thinking about designing an IoT solution (hardware+ software)? Are you wondering how to integrate SIGFOX in your IoT solution? Get your free access to the technical level of SIGFOX Discovery Program! 

The Technical Discovery level of the “SIGFOX Discovery Program” focuses on technical topics to help you integrate SIGFOX connectivity in a device and enable it to communicate efficiently through the SIGFOX network.

You’ll learn:
  • How the SIGFOX Network works
  • How to design a SIGFOX Ready device
  • How to perform the integration between the SIGFOX Cloud and an external IT platform
  • How to configure callbacks and use SIGFOX Cloud APIs
  • How to receive data from the SIGFOX Cloud and manage your device deployments

Module 1  SIGFOX in the connected device design

  • Network overview: All you need to know about the technical aspects of the SIGFOX Network
  • SIGFOX key points in the connected device design
  • SIGFOX coverage

Module 2 Device fleet and data management in the SIGFOX Cloud

  • SIGFOX Cloud Environment live demo (in a production or demo environment)
  • Object registration
  • Sending virtual messages and receiving data from SIGFOX Cloud
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