Zertia and @Sigfox launch an IoT solution to monitor factory activity in real time

Source: GlobbPartner

Zertia, a consulting company based on the technology of Sigfox (a leading provider of IoT services and the first global 0G operator), has launched Ubicua Industry 4.0, a new IoT solution designed to monitor the activity of plants in real time of manufacture.

Manufacturing and production increasingly incorporate more sensors and generate more data, while involving several very complex and interconnected processes. Ubicua Industry 4.0 is a modular solution that works during all phases of the production process. In this way, it is possible to monitor the production chain, improve the efficiency of the machinery, and perform predictive and preventive maintenance, receiving alerts and having the possibility to act remotely. Finally, the goods produced are geolocated to find them easily in case of theft or loss, from the factory exit to the delivery.

Through the low-power and low-cost connectivity of the Sigfox network, which is present in 60 countries and already offers coverage to 1 billion people worldwide, users will be able to maintain strict control of raw materials from the moment of their extraction, going through its entrance to the plant (control of access and openings, vehicle monitoring) and its internal logistics (optimization of stock and storage, routes in the plant, real-time location of assets, assets, plant personnel and visitors).

Rebecca Crowe, managing director of Sigfox Spain, highlights that “manufacturing processes are increasingly sophisticated and plants are increasingly connected. Being able to have scalable solutions, low consumption and low cost, is essential for manufacturers to take advantage of the full potential of the IoT.”

José Luis Hurtado, partner and director of business development of Zertia, stresses that “for years, the cost of communications from the usual operators has made it difficult to develop IoT solutions for any sector, especially the industrial sector, which generates Huge data in real time. Sigfox has democratized the IoT and has allowed us to help this and other sectors to optimize their processes, reduce their costs and gain profitability. “