HT Micron adopts @Sigfox technology and #WNDBrasil connectivity to build the first SIP chip in Brazil

Source: WND Brasil

HT Micron launched the first iMCP HT32SX chip with SiP (System in a Package) format last June in Brazil. This chip, which was designed and produced in the country, is enabled for the Sigfox protocol. This is the first copy of the Sigfox third generation chips.

This new IoT technology confirms the open nature of the Sigfox protocol and provides technology users with access to the national WND coverage. The benefits of HT Micron chip allow a new level of functionality and low price for Sigfox products and services, expanding its market beyond Brazil for any of the 60 countries where the network already exists.


The iMCP HT32SX has the following characteristics:

° Power of up to 24 dBm, allowing maximum utilization of the Sigfox coverage.

° Ability to operate in all countries with Sigfox coverage, enabling an automatic geographic migration through Sigarch’s Monarch technology.

° Space for user applications on the chip, allowing a complete solution without additional chips.


For more information about the iMCP HT32SX chip visit HT Micron

And for more information about the Sigfox network visit WND Brasil