Amazing news: #WNDUK @Sigfox network 90% complete!

Source: WNDUK

-> Over 1,800 Sigfox base stations installed across the UK

-> Deployed 90% of the ‘core’ network 

-> Network currently available to 90% of the UK population 


London, United Kingdom – August 13, 2019 – Today WNDUK, in partnership with Sigfox, the world’s leading IoT service provider, reached a key coverage milestone, with over 1,800 Sigfox base stations installed across the UK. They have deployed over 90% of the “core” network of approx. 2,000 base stations, on schedule.

The UK Sigfox network is the first, and only, credible, national LPWAN network. Currently available to 90% of the population, and rising even further as we complete installations of the core in the next couple of months.


In addition to the core network, we will also  continue to enhance coverage for specific locations, with micro base stations and repeaters, to further improve signal and redundancy.

Sigfox is a truly open network, with connectivity available at ridiculously low cost (pennies per month in volume), and without the costs or hassle of having to manage your own infrastructure or gateways.