SABESP deploys IoT technology using Sigfox technology in water meters in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo

SABESP deploys IoT technology using Sigfox technology in water meters in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo

Source: WND Brasil

The Company visualized in telemetry projects the opportunity to control hydraulic processes through communication procedures

SABESP – Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo (http://www.sabesp.com.br/), the largest sanitation company in the Americas and the fourth largest in the world in terms of population served, is implementing IoT (Internet of Things) using the WND/Sigfox public network, with compatible devices for monitoring water consumption (metering). The program aims to replace the manual monthly consumption measurement with a minimum of 2 automatic daily readings for customers in the Metropolitan region of São Paulo, where more than 100,000 devices will be installed. To date, 7,500 devices are already installed and in operation, providing two daily readings from each customer.

SABESP issued a public tender at the end of 2018, when the company saw that telemetry projects would allow the possibility of managing the consumption of the Company’s largest customers, through the implementation of alarms for high or low consumption, as well as reporting total consumption of these water meters. This resulted in the full automation of previously manual, procedures. This conclusion was the result of tests conducted in 2017, when devices were installed in water meters randomly chosen throughout São Paulo.

The project is implemented by, Laager – Sustainable Technologies (http://www.laager.com.br/), a channel partner of WND Brasil, in a consortium which includes Vita Ambiental Com and Provision of Engineering Services (www.vitaambientalengenharia.com.br).  The consortium is responsible for a turnkey implementation including povision and installation and maintenance of remote measurement equipment as well as related services including information technology systems and data communication.

The devices developed and produced by Laager are being deployed in strategically defined locations by SABESP and use Sigfox technology to collect information regarding the consumption of customers. This equipment sends the collected data through the WND Brasil network (Sigfox Operator in Brazil), which then forwards the information to a cloud platform.

Laager is a company specialized in technological solutions aimed at sustainability. Its devices allow control of water, gas and electricity consumption to allow for greater efficiency in consumption. The company has an advanced system and scalable methodology which can be applied in a small, medium and large installation. Vita Ambiental is a traditional provider of Specialized Engineering Services for Sanitation companies, focusing on reducing losses and operational optimization.

Here shown, the device and the meter developed by Laager already pre-installed in the field, measuring water consumption in a residence located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, Brazil.

WND Brasil, which is part of the WND Group (https://www.wndgroup.io/), operates in the Internet of Things (IoT) market through the implementation of a national public network, with a Business to Business (B2B) business model that allows the sale of very low-cost connectivity, low power consumption, and large coverage. In just two years of operation in Brazilian territory, the company is already present in all 27 capitals in the country, covering an area with a population of more than 120 million inhabitants and serving more than 270 cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants. WND Brasil is the first and only company providing a  national public network dedicated exclusively to IoT using Sigfox technology.


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