Tirante A launches portable tracking device compatible with Sigfox technology

Source: WND Brazil

Tirante A Electronics, WND Brazil‘s commercial partner, has launched the Sig-10, a device which allows customers to track the location of objects. It contains mechanics adaptable to the application, including retractable term, easy adaptation inside assets and loads, and the customization of mechanics using a 3D printer.

Image:  Tirante A

Below you can find some of the most outstanding characteristics of Sig-10:

  • Immune to emission.
  • 10 km range in surface view and 30 km in aerial search.
  • Basic positioning generally performed by Sigfox Geolocation Service.
  • Low cost and low power.
  • Adjustable battery according to applicability.
  • Motion sensor, allowing to reduce consumption when stopped.
  • Temperature, humidity and impact sensor.
  • Remotely configurable transmission intervals.

Image: Tirante A

The communication can be made in several cities in Brazil, including all the capitals, thanks to WND’s national network covering today more than 50% of the Brazilian population. In addition, the project also includes Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Central America, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

For more information about Tirante A, visit www.tirantea.com.br

For information on Sigfox technology, visit https://www.sigfox.com/en

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