New Partnerships – Nov 2020

Shake Hands

Source: WND UK

2020 has been a difficult year for us all, however, despite the challenges that we all face it is important to keep moving forward. Throughout 2020 we have made it our mission to continue our growth and support the UK with our 0G Network, in doing so we’ve partnered with three notable channel partners in November this year, these include; Hildebrand Technology (who use IoT to tackle globally important issues), BPC Electronics Ltd (offering various custom printed circuit board services) and finally The Smart Container Company (who founded KegTracker).

BPC Electronics –

BCP offer tailored printed circuit board manufacturing and design services, ranging from productions and testing, to contract electronics manufacture. They supply a vast range of PCB’s, covering simple single sided boards, through to Flexi-rigid multilayer boards. BPC has decades of experience handling many different types of materials from ceramic to PTFE and everything in between.

The Smart Container Company-

For decades, the industry has tried to understand the life cycle of the keg; however, due to the restrictions of technologies past, the solutions exist in silos and are operated by multiple vendors. KegTracker (their leading offering) is a non-intrusive, one-size-fits-all IoT device that instantly turns kegs and casks into smart containers.

Hildebrand Technology –

Hildebrand technology are focused on applying internet based technologies to solve globally important issues such as climate change and pollution.

Hildebrand’s data platform and expertise in cost effective hardware design, analytics, data science and process design enables businesses to drive forward with the confidence that the technology is robust. Sensor data is captured from devices such as smart meters, clamps and transmitters, heat meters, data collectors and temperature, light and motion sensors.

With 60,000 customers and 2,700 data captures per second Hildebrand’s IOT connected devices monitors consumption in real time. Hildebrand’s predictive analytics offer personalised targets based on what the customer wants to know.


WND UK, is the UK #0G secure sensor data network operator, powered by Sigfox. The public network, which was deployed in a period of just 18 months, covers over 90% of the UK’s population. WND is now continuing to strengthen our network through densification and by working with channel partners to achieve deep in-building coverage where required.

Sigfox is the world’s first global dedicated low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) communications service for sensor data, typically deployed in Internet of Things (IoT) applications. WND UK’s network solution provides reliable and affordable communications for sensor devices that require very little power.

WND UK’s growing ecosystem of channel partners operate across a broad range of industry sectors providing a range of applications, such as the monitoring of legionella in healthcare and public sector buildings, automated meter readings for utilities, property technology, leak detection and asset management within logistical, returnable packaging and post and parcel sectors. Learn more: WND Technology Overview