HT Micron, creator of the world’s first Sigfox Monarch SiP, receives ANATEL certificate

HT Micron, creator of the world’s first Sigfox Monarch SiP, receives ANATEL certificate

Source: WND

iMC HT32SX Sigfox Monarch, the chip from HT Micron Semiconductors, WND Brazil‘s commercial partner, received the ANATEL approval certificate. This authorization helps to accelerate the certification time of ANATEL for the IoT products that are part of SiP.

Source/Reproduction: HT Micron

Anatel – Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações is a regulatory agency in the Brazilian telecommunications sector. Its certification guarantees the quality and reliability of the products to end consumers.


Source/Reproduction: HT Micron


Follow these three steps to start your IoT development:

  1. Get access to the complete technical documentation for the iMCP HT32SX:
  2. Get the iMCP HT32SX or a development board!! For conditions and delivery time, please contact
  3. Do you have questions about the iMCP HT32SX or the ANATEL certification? Ask, our team of experts will be available to help you.

Did you know that ?

HT32SX iMCP is also certified by Sigfox Monarch. This feature allows communication with the Sigfox network in all countries including automatic switching between RC zones.

It is the world’s first Sigfox Monarch SiP (System-in-package) and also the first chip for the Internet of Things (IoT) developed and produced in Brazil.

For a simple IoT device, only a battery, an antenna, and an iMCP HT32SX are required. As a packaged system, the iMCP HT32SX integrates everything for your IoT device connectivity: MCU, transceiver, power amplifier, and passives on a small 13x13mm chip.


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