¡Conviértete en nuestro partner oficial!

Si ya tienes una solución y/o producto IoT, puedes convertirte en Sigfox Partner.



Terms & Conditions

The applicant to become a Partner has to understand and accept the following:

1. WND intends to offer its services to a limited group of clients (Partners) that will be selected by objective criteria defined by WND. The services offered by WND are not available to the general public.

2. As an example, Partners should be sales channels, developers and / or integrators that focus on the provision of IoT services whose devices only send limited messages to a chain of 0 to 12 bytes in the uplink and they have the possibility of receiving messages in a chain of 0 to 8 bytes in the downlink.

3. The data will be sent through an LPWA network (using Sigfox technology), which consists of radio frequency radiocommunications in the public band of 900MHz. In terms of accuracy, the limits established in the Regulations of each Country, whose devices must be duly certified by Sigfox and approved in accordance with national and international standards, will be observed.

4. The data transmitted and received by the devices (for example, temperature sensors, location, etc.) will be sent to the Sigfox cloud and then sent to the customer's data warehouse, only available by the Partner for its management and consultation.

5. The data is the property of the client and is available in binary format.

Accept Terms & Conditions