IoT Takes @Sigfox to Ocean Floor

Source: EE Times By Ric Upton The founder of a technology and business consulting firm describes a project mapping the ocean floor off the coast of Massachusetts using a Sigfox network.Producing more than half of the world’s oxygen and almost 200 billion pounds of seafood each year, the oceans are incredibly important to our livelihood, so […]

@Sigfox exclusive: Maximising on the $15trn potential with IoT in the driver’s seat

Source: Supply Chain Digital “The global supply chain and logistics market is set to exceed $15trn by 2024, yet despite the industry growing rapidly, there has been little innovation breaking ground in this space and businesses continue to face significant challenges and inefficiencies. One of the key challenges facing organisations is a lack of end-to-end visibility […]

@Sigfox: Cannabis Growers Embrace IOT for Energy Efficiency

Source : GTM Greenhouses are being wired up to the internet of things in order to save cash. More U.S. cannabis cultivators are deploying internet-of-things (IOT) technologies in greenhouses to optimize the use of power, water and nutrients. “We’re doing some cool work with indoor cannabis growers and consultants,” said Tim Guiterman, chief marketing officer […]

@Sigfox: How IoT Can Facilitate Global Intelligent Food Security

Source: Sigfox USA “We recently challenged the Sigfox USA squad to create a Sigfox low power wide area connected use case in their home that would illustrate the power of IoT for commercial use. Kirsten Fournier, Sigfox USA Controller, not only saw the challenge as a way to come to a consensus on a weekly […]

Wireless IoT Flexibility: Sigfox for Small Data, Cellular for Big

Source: eejournal by Bryon Moyer “Let’s say that you’ve got some IoT equipment that you need to deploy out in some far-flung location. And you need to be able to connect to the cloud with it for data upload (and maybe download too). What are your choices? No, this isn’t yet another rant on how little […]

@Sigfox: The IoT Connected Laundry Room

Source: Sigfox USA Sylvain Demortier, Northeast Sales Account Manager accepted our Q4 US team challenge to develop a Sigfox low power wide area (LPWA) connected IoT use case that would solve a challenge at home and is applicable to commercial use. Sylvain, a transplant from France by way of Hong Kong, enjoys rolling up his sleeves to solve problems using IoT. He once connected […]

@Sigfox WEBINAR on #Monarch: a service for global roaming devices

Source: YouTube Sigfox enables the capability for mobile assets to switch to other frequencies when moving to other regions of the world With this first post on #Monarch –the service for global roaming devices–, we are starting a series of Sigfox WEBINARS that we will share here. They are very didactic and useful You can […]

IBM revolutionizes container tracking for Groupe PSA with @Sigfox

Source : Sigfox Paris, January 31, 2019 – IBM announces with Sigfox the launch within Groupe PSA of the innovative “Track&Trace” solution for the digitalization of package (container) tracking between suppliers and assembly plants. This solution, based on IBM’s cloud-based Internet of Things technologies and Sigfox’ international “0G” network allows Groupe PSA to optimize container rotation between the various PSA’supplier sites […]

@Sigfox goes point-to-point with US customers to build national coverage

Source: Enterprise IoT Insigths Note, this is the second part of a feature/interview Sigfox; click the link for the first, about the company’s ‘Zero-G’ strategy and global rollout plans. When it comes to wireless network deployment, US states are like countries, reckons IoT company Sigfox. Of all its achievements, panting flags in around 60 different […]