@Sigfox @TheHackingHouse: A New Chicago Startup Is Working to Bring Congestion Pricing to Chicago

Source: CHICAGOINNO  In 2018, the average one-way commute for Chicago residents was 38 minutes, according to City Tech Collaborative. And as roads become more crowded and complicated with the advent of Uber, Lyft, and other new transportation options, traffic conditions are getting worse. However, a new Chicago startup is developing a system to curb traffic congestion and reduce […]

KASKO’s Insurance Interviews: “The Partner & Insurer Series” — Kevin Maher of @Sigfox

Source: Kasko’s blog Written by   Subsequent to our previous 2018 interview series on the merits, tribulations and opportunities of cyber insurance, KASKO now launches a new array of interviews, where we will be introducing exciting and innovative startups and insurers. Here, our partners will present their business in general and give insights into their latest thoughts about the […]

@Sigfox: Eutelsat Reveals ELO Constellation for the IoT Market

Source: Satellite Today By Annamarie Nyirady  Eutelsat Communications revealed its ELO constellation project, targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) market. The ELO constellation aims offer global IoT coverage enabling objects to transmit data, regardless of their location. The constellation should contain 25 nanosatellites in the next three years, with a demo satellite being launched early next year. The […]

How a 0G network can make smart cities using IoT that much smarter

Source: Betanews By Florian Splendido The IoT has the power to unleash the smart city, providing data-backed insights that can be used to inform sustainability initiatives, enhance operations and influence municipal planning and budgeting. However, the potential of this technology is currently capped by a few critical barriers — namely, security and cost. To capitalize on […]

@Sigfox: LPWAN is not red ocean market

Source: disk91.com “LPWAN stands for Low Power Wide Area Networks. These technologies are the heart of the innovative IoT technologies. They are allowing sensors / devices to work and communicate for years with really small power requirements. They are enabling long range communication, allowing low costs networks. The first coming on the market was Sigfox […]

@Sigfox: Asset monitoring powered by the #0G network. Discover the success story of #Hiboo

Source: Sigfox Blog Post Hiboo is a complete IoT solution for the construction industry capturing, aggregating and analyzing data collected from the field. With hiboo’s software, data gathered becomes meaningful information displayed in real-time on the platform, giving greater visibility to any field operation. The ability to digest and structure multiple sources of data into […]

@Sigfox Spain and Cellnex Telecom Advance IoT Network

Source: IoTEvolution By Chrissie Cluney Cellnex Telecom and Sigfox Spain will multiply the current capacity of their 0G network dedicated to Internet network of Things (IoT). This partnership allows the companies to give it more features, among which are the ability to transmit images, send audio messages and optimize the reception of broadcast messages in motion. They will also extend […]