How @Sigfox became the world’s leading IoT service provider

Source: News Cision Sigfox shakes up the IoT with unique low power, low cost, easy to use and global solutions. The worker strolled into the apartment with a device in his hand. He greeted the inhabitants, peeled paper off adhesive backing, stuck the device on the wall, said bye and left. The flat was now […]

@Sigfox U.S.A. Kicks Off Hacking House in Chicago with Focus on the Smart City

Source: Sigfox  Program brings together students and young professionals to develop IoT solutions that will enable the city of the future Sigfox U.S.A., the U.S. network operator for global 0G network provider Sigfox, today announced that its second U.S. installment of Hacking House will be hosted at the Chicago Connectory, a co-working and incubator space for those in the […]

Singapore companies settle on @Sigfox for smart rodent control

Source: Internet of Business Two companies in Singapore have partnered to apply LPWAN connectivity to the pesky problem of dealing with unwanted rodent visitors.  “Cre8tec, a rodent risk management company based in Singapore, is the inventor of Ratsense, a pest management system based on infrared sensors. These sensors act as ‘electronic eyes’ that monitor and […]

@LACROIX Electronics implements secured end-to-end communications over the @Sigfox #0G network on an industrial IoT demonstrator

Source: Sigfox Security is a major concern for all manufacturers of industrial IoT devices. As a provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services including the design, industrialization and manufacturing of electronic products and industrial IoT devices, LACROIX Electronics has always taken the security of the customers’ devices in consideration from the beginning of the project. Thanks to its […]

VIDEO / Discover the new integration of IoT Sigfox with Google Cloud (Google I / O’19)

Source: YouTube Join this session to learn about the new Sigfox-Google Cloud integration. Understand the value of Sigfox global LPWAN radio connectivity together with Google Cloud services such as real-time data ingestion, processing, analytics, and machine learning. See how the integration works (stateless, event-driven, scale-out and low cost) and experience end-to-end live demonstrations using microcontrollers […]

“5 Reasons Why We Don’t Do Our Devices with LoRa or NB-IoT”

Source: SimpleHW Sometimes we get the question why we don’t do the simplePack with LoRa or NB-IoT. There are 5 reasons for that: Focus We believe that companies sometimes do products for all technologies but don’t understand that each technology has its specific place. These companies are also not able to leverage the unique advantages of each. […]

@Sigfox France demonstrates the 0G potential in response to the scheduled shutdown of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)

Source: Sigfox Paris, France – May 14th, 2019 – Within three years, all switched networks will have disappeared and most of them will be replaced by exchanges based on the IP protocol, with or without wires. This standardization of exchanges allows substantial gains in telecommunications infrastructures, but it generates significant costs for migrating from existing solutions based on switched […]

“Smart Cities” has already come out! The third episode of ‘ENTER THE # 0GWORLD’, the web series of #Sigfox, returns from Denmark

“Mikkel Daa Hansen, Sales & Marketing Director, helped Marion Moreau, Director of Sigfox Foundation, better understand how data makes our cities smarter. Thanks to his company, 0G technology is helping Danish cities use the right data in countless new ways, from detecting defects in buildings to garbage collection. Their 0G sensors are popping up at […]

@Sigfox operator WND hits 85% UK population coverage, targets ports and airports

Source: Enterprise IoT Insights Sigfox operator Wireless Network Developments (WND) has covered 85 per cent of the UK population with it Sigfox network, having deployed 1,500 Sigfox base stations. The deployment has been on time and in budget, said WNDUK, and the 85 per cent threshold means the UK ranks as “covered” on Sigfox’s list […]

Morio continues its progression at Domino’s Pizza by equipping the entire city of Lyon with its connected tracking devices

Source: Sigfox Domino’s Pizza confirms its desire to electrify its fleet by installing electric bicycles and scooters and calls on the French startup Morio to solve the biggest problems in fleet management: theft and maintenance. From April 2019, all Domino’s Pizza franchises in Lyon will be equipped with Morio tracking devices. While the startup equipped […]