Amazing news: #WNDUK @Sigfox network 90% complete!

Source: WNDUK -> Over 1,800 Sigfox base stations installed across the UK -> Deployed 90% of the ‘core’ network  -> Network currently available to 90% of the UK population  °°° London, United Kingdom – August 13, 2019 – Today WNDUK, in partnership with Sigfox, the world’s leading IoT service provider, reached a key coverage milestone, with over 1,800 Sigfox base stations […]

#Jisc and @Sigfox seek partners to show how connecting small things makes a big difference

Source: Jisc Universities and colleges wanting to use the Internet of Things (IoT) will get affordable access to this technology under a collaboration between Jisc and Sigfox network operator WND. WND UK, which operates Sigfox’s Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology in the UK and Latin America, is collaborating with Jisc to enable universities […]

El Salvador: El Internet de las Cosas se vuelve accesible en el país

SigFox, de origen francés, desarrolla una red global de Internet de bajo consumo y alta eficiencia para conectar los objetos. En El Salvador, WND Centroamérica se encargará de operar la red de SigFox, a la que ya están conectados más de 60 países. El Internet de las Cosas (IoT, por su sigla en inglés), uno […]

WND partners with Sigfox to supply UK with IoT network

Internet of Things network operator Wireless Network Devices (WND) has announced a partnership with Sigfox to build a national UK IoT network by the end of 2018. Sigfox, the French IoT network supplier, switched from…

Sigfox partners with WND for IoT network buildout in the UK

The United Kingdom may be getting a substantial boost to its Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to a new partnership between operator WND and Sigfox. The duo has now announced its plans to have an IoT-specific network in place, nationwide, before the end of 2018…

Eurobites: Sigfox gets its teeth into UK IoT

Sigfox , the France-based provider of connectivity to the Internet of Things, is to expand its reach in the UK with the appointment of WND-UK as an official Sigfox operator…