Sigfox partners with WND for IoT network buildout in the UK

The United Kingdom may be getting a substantial boost to its Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to a new partnership between operator WND and Sigfox. The duo has now announced its plans to have an IoT-specific network in place, nationwide, before the end of 2018…

Eurobites: Sigfox gets its teeth into UK IoT

Sigfox , the France-based provider of connectivity to the Internet of Things, is to expand its reach in the UK with the appointment of WND-UK as an official Sigfox operator…

LPWAN tech Sigfox vows 95% UK population coverage by 2019

Sigfox operator WND-UK has said it is ramping the deployment of its UK IoT network such that it should reach 95% of the population in the next 18 months.WND seems to be the sole operator for Sigfox in many of its territories, including launches in Colombia and Mexico, and has now set its sights on the UK….

Building a global IoT network

We all talk about interoperability a lot when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT); the need for a common framework to ensure interoperability amongst the world of sensors we now inhabit….