Florianopolis City Hall and the Catarinense Technology Association choose Sigmais, which implements @Sigfox technology, to monitor traffic on the Florianopolis’ bridges

Main Source: Guilherme Azevedo, CTO da Sigmais

Florianopolis City Hall in collaboration with the Catarinense Technology Association –within the framework of the Living Lab–, selected WND Brasil’s partner Sigmais as part of the Smart City project developed in Florianopolis, capital city of Santa Catarina. The public announcement focused on the selection of private technological organizations whose resources could improve some sectors of the city.

Ten Sigmais devices were installed on the freeways of the Colombo Salles Bridge and the Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge, both located in the center of Florianopolis. Each Sigtraffic device will be able to perform a quantitative control of the cars traveling by the site, and to send all the information every 10 minutes through WND Brasil networks and Sigfox technology in order to ensure better operational management. Sigtraffic has a long battery life (5 years) and a wireless feature which allows a simplified application.

Sigtraffic device performs the counting of vehicles transiting the two main bridges of the center of Florianopolis

The dashboard presented below shows in real time vehicle traffic information on the bridges connecting the island of Florianopolis with the continent. In this panel, you can verify the amount of traffic through each sensor (individually identified). Collected data can be organized by day, time, direction of travel, among others, securing a greater detail of data and, consequently, a better quality information.

The work of these sensors allows real time monitoring of vehicles, providing a great improvement in urban planning and in the return of applied investment.

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